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Double Glazed Windows Benefits

Acoustic Problems Solved

The location and orientation of a building can greatly influence the need for improved acoustic characteristics of the windows and glazing systems.
Property located near flight paths, inner city locations near trains, expressways, noisy schools or businesses and major road traffic are all examples of acoustic problems.
If noise reduction is your primary concern, an air gap of at least 80mm is optimal and this is very expensive with a typical IGU double-glazed window. If your windows are set deep in the wall, our system can be the perfect way to dramatically improve acoustic insualtion.

Great Thermal Insulation

The high thermal insulation properties contribute to a pleasant peaceful home with an even temperature. Turn off your fans and air-conditioning in Summer and your heaters in Winter.

Preserve your Existing Windows

It’s usually not until you’ve lived in a space that the need for double or secondary glazing becomes apparent. The choice then becomes whether to replace the entire window and frame or find something attractive, functional and affordable to supplement what you have. The EuroGlazing solution is just that and beyond all the technical advantages, it means your home will look the same from the outside, which is often a prime consideration.

Architecturally Designed in Europe

For over 20 years, our parent company has been designing and manufacturing these quality fittings and glazing systems in The Netherlands.

Better for the Environment

Keeping your existing timber windows, you not only save on your own heating and cooling costs, which reduces waste and your carbon footprint on the planet, but you also save the resources and energy cost required to manufacture new windows. “Where an old wood window is restored and equipped with a good storm window, it has been repeatedly shown in field studies to perform at least as well as a typical thermal replacement window — and at a much lower cost.”
See this excellent webpage about preserving and enhancing old timber windows:

High Performance Glass Profiles

In Australia we can source some of the most technically efficient and condition-specific glass in the world. We work with major suppliers such as CSR who produce the innovative Viridian ComfortPlus™ and Viridian SmartGlass™. See
These high performance glasses are available at EuroGlazing and constitute our premium range. If you are looking for long term cost savings, Low-e glass (low-e = low emissivity) is more cost effective than standard glass.


Glass windows of 8mm thickness are much better insulators than both thinner glass and acrylic / PVC. Glass is also much stronger and scratch resistant and does not discolour or go cloudy with age. There are no aluminium or uPVC frames to warp, shrink, corrode or need painting.

Energy Savings

The installed seal made out of a specialist 3M tape with low thermal conductivity, creates the air-tight seal when both the inner and outer windows are closed. This provides insulation, saves energy, thus saving you money and also contributes to a low carbon environment.

Healthier for Asthmatics and Allergy sufferers

EuroGlazing helps in four ways
1) Sealing windows from traffic grime & pollen entering through windows.
2) Eliminating the need for dust laden heavy curtains to keep heat in.
3) Reducing condensation on glass which leads to damp and mould allergens.
4) Keeping the temperature inside more even and thereby eliminating the 3am temperature drop which often triggers asthma coughing.

Bright and Clutter-free

We like our homes to be full of light and clear of clutter, so frameless glass secondary glazing is often a much more attractive option than curtains. With EuroGlazing, you can have the benefits of insulation without the need for cumbersome curtains.

Extra Security

The combination of material strength and high quality fittings with the Spanjolet locking system guarantees high security standards.

Opens With Ease

If you’ve considered magnetic secondary glazing, have you ever wondered where to put those “removable windows” when you want some fresh air? Our windows are hinged to your existing window frames so they open inwards, they can be securely latched with our GRONA® Spanjolet lock which can be opened easily and locked tightly.

THE Euro Glazing SYSTEM

We build with GRONA® Stainless Steel Hinges and aluminium channel profiles and use CSR® insulated and toughened glass. These components are delivered by leading worldwide companies in this sector, which guarantee us steady quality of our products. We are also proud to offer quality and cost effective solutions from companies who invest in innovation and continuous product development.

Euro Double Glazing: Features Plane

“The windows are lovely and the noise from the street has softened noticeably.
We are very happy with the finish, they look beautiful.”

Sandra, on Canterbury Road, Sydney

Euro Double Glazing: Features House

“Wow, I am sleeping better – they have signifcantly dulled the outside noise – the old windows were totally ineffective.”
Thanks, Marianne

Euro Double Glazing: Double Glazed Windows With Blinds In Cavity

Corner windows with blinds set in the cavity

“Thanks for a  good job. The workmanship was very good and it passed the test – I was able to sleep through morning peak traffic without earplugs for the first time!”

All the best, Phil

“I intentionally waited 6 or so weeks before sending this as I wanted to properly “live” with the additional windows and get a good feel for how effective they are.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that opening up a door into one of the rooms with the new glazing, there is now that cool suction sound that clearly shows how well the room is sealed (and conversely shows how badly it was before).  I’d imagine this would translate into significantly less heating costs in winter – no more drafts!

Most importantly though the street noise has almost all but disappeared.  I’m literally surprised each time I open the glazing, with the original windows still closed and am suddenly hit by a wall of traffic noise and background hum.  We still do get some noise from the big old diesel STA busses, but that is more of a vibration through the walls than an actual audible sound.  Best of all, I no longer get woken up at 2am by the teenage girls next door arguing whose boyfriend is better (true story)!

The quality of the build is also exceptional and in fact the design has given the rooms a bit of a lift,a more modern feel.  So all up, really happy with the outcome and I wanted to extend a huge thank you to yourself and your team.”

Regards, D. B – Rose Bay NSW