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Reducing Noise coming in to Apartments

We were happy to help a first time investor who had bought an attractive lemon of an apartment in Milsons Point which was impossible to let or keep tenants in. It was so noisy! A couple of thousand dollars later and all rooms affected were sealed from the noise. He was able to let it for a much better price and paid off his investment within a year, plus the new tenants say they never want to leave!

Sometimes there is a specific noise issue in apartment buildings that complaining to the body corporate will never resolve to your liking.  We helped a couple in Surry Hills whose unit was above the garage door which naturally went up and down at all hours. There were two rooms over the door, so that’s where we added the hinged and sealed 8mm thick glass windows. During the day, they are open for fresh air, and at night when the noise stops them sleeping, it is now blocked by closing both the original windows and the Euroglazing.

Euro Double Glazing: Modern Kitchen

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