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Stopping noise through French doors

Plenty of terraces and apartments have lovely French doors which let in light but are often not well sealed.

Euroglazing 8 or 10mm frameless glasss French doors which open either inwards or outwards and can be installed either inside or outside mean when it’s time for quiet, or the heating is on, you will not even think you are in the same room!

Euro Double Glazing: Surry Hills Terrace
Euro Double Glazing: Double Glazed French Doors Surry Hills Open

This photo is from inside a terrace in Surry Hills. There is a latching spanjolet handle to seal off the outside set of Euroglazed doors. Note also on the threshold, the large distance between the two sets of doors.

This gives the best sound reduction. We used 10mm frameless glass here and the bar you see on one side of the glass is for our unique locking Spanjolet® handle.

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