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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not replace my old timber windows?

Replacing old windows with something modern and expensive that’s out of character with your home could strip thousands off your resale value. Also EuroGlazing allows you to only add insulation to the windows that really need it, like bedrooms for noise reduction.
It’s also important not to underestimate the environmental benefits of retaining your old windows. Replacing old features entails waste – unless you recycle. It also means installing a new window, whose embodied energy, the energy invested in its manufacture, transport etc, will offset its apparent efficiencies for quite some time.
This is a paraphrased excerpt from an article here.

Will it look good in my home?

Yes. Our customers consistently comment about how good it looks after installation. EuroGlazing best suits homes with older timber windows, the hinges fit neatly onto the timber casing and our various pane configurations can be adapted for very large windows. Frameless glass is the cleanest look you can get, plus these windows are the easiest to clean! See our Gallery for ideas.

Will it suit my window type?

The EuroGlazing system can be fitted to the following window types; Awning, wind out, sliding, double hung sash, casement, bay windows, hinged windows and fixed glass panes. We have also had great success installing double glazing both inside and outside French Doors.
Remember, our 8mm thick frameless glass panels are hinged at the top or sides, so they open inwards, allowing you to then also open your original windows as you normally do.

What glass should I choose?

Please come to us with your prioritised considerations from this check list, bear in mind that different windows may have different requirements:
Sound Barrier; Keeping heat in; Blocking heat out; Ventillation; Security; Affordability. Most customers find that 8mm thick toughened glass is the best option but we can fit any specialty glass available in a 6-8mm thickness.

How long is the guarantee/warranty?

We give a written 5 year warranty on the EuroGlazing system which we will be happy to explain to you.

Do you give free quotes in all suburbs?

We service all of the Sydney basin in person and may be able to acommodate enquiries from interstate and country towns. You can obtain our rough price guide by letting us know your window dimensions via fax or email. Click here to see how to measure. If you are happy with the price guide, we can come out within a couple of days to give you a free, no obligation measure and quote.

Can you make the windows from my measurements?

No. Just like a kitchen benchtop, shower screen, or anything else that is cut precicely to fit, our team members are required to come and measure your windows themselves. This way we eliminate any risk that they may not be able to be installed correctly. Also, when we see your windows first hand, we can design the right configuration to perfectly suit.

How do I order?

We start with assessing your needs and the problems you’d like fixed.
Then we discuss your existing windows and the suitability of Euro Secondary Glazing.
Next it’s crucial to select the right type of glass, we offer so much more than a thin piece of acrylic or standard 3 or 4mm glass. We offer a choice of 6 or 8mm toughened glass. Other speciality glasses available, just ask and we can guide your decision.
Over the phone or via email or fax, if you provide the dimensions of your windows, we will be able to give you a rough price guide. Click here to see how to measure.
If you are happy with this price guide, we will come to you at a convenient time and show you samples of our glazing materials, help you decide on the best options, measure up and provide a fixed quote.
Next we fabricate the windows here using the hinges, handles and configurations we have designed for you.
Lastly is the installation which is carried out quickly, tidily and efficiently by our experienced installers.

Can my builder install it?

Yes, we do work directly with your builder or Architect, and can supply you the windows for them to fit. Windows are supplied with fittings attached and an installation guide. Be mindful that your builder will take on the warranty obligations for the installation.

Is Low Emmisivity (Low-e) Glass better than Double Glazing?

No. Low Emmisivity Glass is not better than double glazing. Double glazing gives better performance for your windows. Double glazing can also be used in conjunction with Low Emmisivity Glass to achieve better performance results. Utilising Low-e glass within double Glass also has the added benefit of protecting the coating within the cavity. This protects the Low-e coating from scratches and harsh chemicals, allowing for a longer life.

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