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    Residential Homes

    Where we sleep is often the place where peace and quiet matters the most. As densities increase, people are living closer and closer together. Noisy neighbours, aircraft, dogs barking, cockatoos screeching or plain old traffic can add up to a poor nights sleep. With double glazed residential homes, you can get back your inner peace. Euro Double Glazing offers a high quality, extremely effective solution which is perfect for homeowners, whether they live in or rent out their property. 8mm glass far outperforms 3mm acrylic as well as new double glazed windows since the thick glass works with the existing window of a different (lesser) thickness. This is proven to be the most effective noise barrier by John Daly of CSIRO.

    Or how about the home office? Perhaps keep that space a nicer temperature and keep out the noise while you work?



    • We service all of the Sydney basin and Central Coast in person and may be able to accommodate enquiries from interstate and country towns.
    • You can obtain our rough price guide by letting us know your window dimensions via fax or email. Click here to see how to measure and do this.
    • If you are happy with the price guide, we can come out within a couple of days to give you a free, no obligation measure and quote.
    • When you are ready to proceed we will ask for a deposit then get to work cutting and preparing your custom made glass.
    • Installation of up to 3 windows can usually be done in a day by our qualified and courteous installation team.



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